Stress-free OHS&E management

Take the head ache out of managing OHS&E with our Safety Management Software!

SafeSpace is a comprehensive web-based compliance program that manages inductions, licenses, certificates of currency, accreditation, insurances, OH&S requirements, training, audits and other pre-requirements required under current OH&S legislation. Read more



Design and deploy and manage over the internet all of your inductions.


Capture and manage information online like Tool box talks,
Environmental reports, Contractor check lists.


Design and manage All
of your audits using the internet, desktop or handheld computer.


Our comprehensive learning management module allows you to build and deploy your
safety training using video, audio and text.

Risk Register

Simplifies the task of managing risk and
incidents. Risk register helps you capture, analyse and report on risk / incidents and their causes,


Safe Employees Are Happy Employees

It is important to remember that it takes proper training and management in the workplace to ensure that the employees working for you are going to be able to perform their tasks safely and be prepared for emergency situations that may arise.

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Looking for the desktop version?

Our audit module run off a desktop or a mobile device.


  • We had multiple systems, XL spread sheets, inductions using paper, an outdated training register. SafeSpace allowed us to incorporate all of these into one system. Great software easy to use thanks.
  • You are mad if you want to build and roll out your own system we tried it and failed. SafeSpace came to the rescue if only we had of known about this software earlier.